Sunday, November 3, 2013

I've wallowed in my insecurities and self pity for far too long.
It's time to focus on the bigger picture: what am I doing out here?

I made the move to leave home for a reason, I know it's out here and I have to find it. Wanting to go home, back to my comfort zone, is not an option; that comfort zone is officially gone. It's time to make a new comfort zone and keep pressing forward. There's nothing to stop me now.

So what am I doing out here?

Well the first thing that pops into my mind is explore. it's always been in my blood--all I ever dream of is going on adventures and exploring new places. What's stopping me is my sudden desire to just be home and be with people I care about... and as much as I love that, I know that I should continue to wander just a little longer... There's a lot about life and myself that I need to discover, and I feel like I could use some of this time now while I'm still single and free to do some much needed self reflection...